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Andy Parkinson focuses on the key sectors for Spencer Group

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With the holiday season coming to a close, the strategic planning process is well underway at Spencer Group, as we look to the future in our chosen sectors.

Welcome to our latest update which details a range of interesting things that have been happening across the business over the last quarter. In this edition, we focus on our key sectors and have included a series of videos explaining where we intend to focus.

Each year, we spend time reviewing where we think Spencer Group can add value in our chosen markets. The governments launch of the ‘Industrial Strategy’ looks to grow the UK’s economy from leveraging investment in infrastructure and skills which will undoubtedly create opportunities across many different industrial sectors.

For this update, we take a more detailed look at some of our key markets explaining the capability we offer and the type of projects we look for.

The Transport sector is seeing unprecedented investment, the drive towards Railway electrification in particularly, is creating significant opportunity in the modification of existing Station and Depot’s and a number of new build facilities are planned across the UK.

Sticking with Rail, there are some mind-boggling innovations in development, Hyper Loop technology has taken another step forward, if you haven’t read about this yet, it’s worth checking out this short informational video.

In the Energy Sector, our flagship project Energy Works is edging nearer to completion. This positions us well for the wider energy market, which has never been so exciting with a range of emerging technologies helping to support innovation in renewable energy production and storage. The waste market in particular is booming and the rubbish that goes into our household bins is becoming ever more valuable as a fuel that creates energy.

There are a host of other interesting things happening in other sectors to. The market for materials handling continues to expand, with the UK’s largest coal fired power stations converting to Biomass, this has generated significant works in re-modelling the infrastructure to handle these materials from the Ports, through the railways to the power station. The quarrying sector is also investing more than ever as it looks to develop more effective material handling conveying systems to improve efficiency.

All of these markets have something in common, they require extensive civil engineering capability to deliver well. The drive for increased productivity within the construction sector is at the forefront of our minds as we move into a new age of innovation and technology that supports how we approach and undertake civil engineering projects.

Our civil engineering heritage has never been more important.

One thing is for certain, we remain absolutely committed to delivering the highest quality work in our markets and are always looking to diversify our skills into new areas.

I hope you enjoy this update.

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