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Spencer Group is a design-led business. We pride ourselves on our industry-leading ability to start with a blank slate and produce innovative engineering solutions for our clients.

With our design team every project is bespoke and benefits from extensive internal collaboration with engineers from a wide array of disciplines for a ‘right first time’ approach. Complexity is our speciality and our depth of knowledge in all our sectors allows us to take on multidisciplinary projects others couldn’t manage. Collaboration is the key to a successful project, so our design process is built around transparency for the client and for our supply chain – from design to delivery. By doing this, we can create the most economically advantageous design due to constant dialogue between the design and construction teams, which ensures cost and buildability are always first on the agenda at all stages of the works.

The world of engineering today would be completely unrecognisable to someone just twenty years ago: In a generation we have gone from drafting desks and slide rules to CAD modelling, virtual reality and the Internet. Digital engineering has become the new norm – and often comes with inflated predictions about performance, ease of use and accountability that it can’t live up to. That’s why we at Spencer Group insist on using the latest digital tools to supplement a solid foundation of traditional engineering skill, not to replace it.

BIM Level 2

We focus on how a good design can add value to a client’s project. We are currently operating at BIM LEVEL 2 which defines what, when and how information should be created, shared and managed.

Our design department are are always looking for opportunities where we can add value through design, not just for the advancement of the project, but for the improvement of the environment around that project.


All parties involved in a project working in a single, Common Data Environment (CDE). This makes information flow much more efficient, providing a single source of truth.

Intelligent Modelling

The project collaborated model should include information relating to the project. At advanced levels of BIM, this could be Planning, Procurement, Maintenance and decommissioning information for each component in a project.


Adding scheduling information to the collaborative model unlocks BIM Level 2 4D. This enables the creation of visualizations that can be used in construction sequencing hazard studies, coordination of temporary works and lifting operations.

Clash Detection

When discipline models are collaborated, clash detection is performed to identify any issues. This mitigates failures to fit on site.

Clarity of project team and capabilities

Pre-contract BIM documentation identifies then defines capabilities and software for each team involved. This includes defining the software and file formats that are to be used to ensure smooth information flow.

Laser scanning

Our advanced 3D scanning technology enables our designers and engineers to precisely and efficiently survey complex areas.

Multiple scans of the area are taken and are layered over each other using specialist software. The data is then built up of hundreds of tiny dots. This data, a point cloud, is a perfect 3D as-built of existing conditions. The point cloud can then be inserted into various BIM platforms. Our designers can then produce incredibly accurate 3D images which ultimately aid the designers and engineers and saves time and money.

Panoramic Photos

Laser scanning captures 360 degree images which helps us to look at any part of the site at any time without having to repeatedly go back to site.

Saves Time

Laser scanning allows you to take all measurements and dimensions in one go which means everyone is working off the same information and measurements. Therefore preventing any interruption during construction due to wrong assumptions of existing conditions.

Reduce Risk

Laser scanning captures hundreds of tiny data points closing the gap for mistakes in the drawings. Scanning gives you the exact locations and measurements of the conditions.

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