Spencer Group’s expertise in the delivery of railway station upgrades

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One of the most iconic and crucial parts of a station building, the platforms are necessary to move passengers on and off trains. They need to be safe, accessible and fit for purpose, and a station can’t run without them – which makes them key choke points in a station project – as they’re often very large pieces of civil engineering, which take time to build.

With 20 years of experience in delivering rail projects, we have built up an industry-leading expertise in delivering platform projects individually or as part of packages of works, whilst minimising the impact on rail services. We look at some of our extraordinary platform projects below.

Apperley Bridge Station

Apperley Bridge Station, Bradford, was part of the wider West Yorkshire Rail Growth Package, an integrated package of rail enhancements in the Leeds City Region. Apperley Bridge was one of two brand new stations Spencer Group built on the Bradford Forster Square – Leeds route in order to increase accessibility between Leeds and Bradford, and to boost the West Yorkshire economic area.

This was a design and build contract for a brand-new station, the former station at Apperley Bridge having closed in 1965. Two platforms were constructed at the new station, with a 300-space car park adjacent and ramp facilities throughout to make it fully accessible. The platform work required considerable civil engineering skill, with 5,000 tons of sandstone removed, as well as meticulous planning to ensure the minimum levels of disruption to normal services. Hoardings were erected alongside the railway line to maintain normal service during the works, and the station’s first train departed on Sunday 13th December 2015.

The station was shortlisted for Station of the Year at the 2016 National Transport Awards, with former transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin praising Spencer Group for our efforts. He expressed the importance of the new station in ‘helping to connect businesses and communities, create jobs, and make it easier for people to get around’. This reflects the opening of the station creating a key link between the neighbouring cities of Leeds and Bradford, as previously locals had to travel to one or the other city by car or bus. Currently the station has one train an hour in each direction on the Bradford to Leeds line, with the potential to increase capacity if passenger numbers grow.

Stevenage Turnback Facility

Platforms continue to be one of our key areas of expertise. We have recently been awarded a contract for GRIP 4 and enabling works at Stevenage. We are bringing our in-house and supply chain multi-disciplinary experience to support Network Rail in the delivery of this complex package of works.

The project will create a new connection from the Hertford Loop forming an independent line to a buffer stop in the new Platform at Stevenage. We are looking forward to starting the bulk earthworks in the New Year.

Stevenage Turnback Facility 1

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