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Looking back at 2018

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Take a look at the extraordinary projects we have been working on throughout 2018

Forth Road Bridge

We have almost completed the Truss end link replacement at the Forth Road Bridge, these exchanges require careful planning throughout the whole operation with various lifting equipment and temporary works involved. The heaviest lifts we have to contend with are the bearing brackets which are 13T and have to be hoisted up from 50m below the carriageway and connected to the side of the towers via Macalloy bars. This type of work is always reliant on having a good weather forecast with little wind which is not always easy working in the middle of the Forth of Firth.

Forth Road Bridge 1
Forth Road Bridge 2
Forth Road Bridge 3

Lynemouth Power Station

The Lynemouth Power Station Biomass Conversion Project consisted of the design and construction of a facility for the handling, storage and rail-loading of wood pellets at the Port of Tyne, Newcastle.

Lynemouth Power Station 1
Lynemouth Power Station 2

Lynemouth Power Station 3
Lynemouth Power Station 4

Cambridge Sidings

We’ve begun preparatory work for our latest prestigious rail infrastructure project. The scheme involves various improvements at busy Cambridge Station to facilitate faster and more frequent trains.

Cambridge Sidings 1

Tyne Yard

This project includes sleeper replacement and P-Way works on behalf of Hitachi Rail.

Tyne Yard 1
Tyne Yard 2

Tyne Yard 3
Tyne Yard 4

Erskine Bridge

The project involved abutment and bearing remedial works on the Erskine Bridge for Scotland TranServ.

Erskine Bridge 1
Erskine Bridge 2
Erskine Bridge 3

Bounds Green

Bounds Green Depot is the last of the IEP Programmed works and the first retractable overhead system for network rail in the country. All piling works have now been completed, pilecap excavation works nearly completed, with concrete on going. The high level M+E relocations are nearly completed and the installation of the new steel platform starts this week.

Bounds Green 1
Bounds Green 2
Bounds Green 3

Etches Park

The works include roads 4 & 5 shed upgrade, sidings upgrades and new UFC facility.

Etches Park 1
Etches Park 2

Etches Park 3
Etches Park 4

Willesden and Chingford

Upgrade of the existing maintenance facilities to suit Bombardiers new fleet of trains.

Willesden and Chingford 1
Willesden and Chingford 2
Willesden and Chingford 3

Penzance Depot

Construction of a new Train Care Depot and the refurbishment of an existing High-Speed Train shed – and designed a solution to construct one facility, incorporating the old shed within the new building using an innovative envelope and cantilever steelwork design.

Penzance Depot 1
Penzance Depot 2

Penzance Depot 3
Penzance Depot 4

Neville Hill Depot

Neville Hill involved the design and build of four new rail roads to accommodate the new Hitachi 800 biofuel trains. The works included constructing incorporated trenches and troughs, installing new AdBlue and Fuel Dispensers with the associated pipework, connecting new and amended drainage (including a new vacuum pumping main chamber), building a new AdBlue pump house and fitting additional lighting.

Neville Hill Depot 2
Neville Hill Depot 1
Neville Hill Depot 3

Barrow Hill Depot

With a total turnaround of just 21 weeks from design and development to handover, the Spencer Group team has delivered a new temporary maintenance facility at Barrow Hill rail heritage centre.

Lynemouth Power Station 2
Lynemouth Power Station 1

Lynemouth Power Station 3
Lynemouth Power Station 4

Kessock Bridge

We now have Cat3 design approval for the gantry and have started the manufacturing phase of works structural, mechanical and electrical systems.

The 36 year old existing gantry rails, which are welded to the bridge main girders, are currently being repaired and refurbished, such to allow safe use of the new gantry upon its arrival on site, scheduled for commissioning and handover during the summer of 2019.

Site works within the North compound will be commencing after Christmas, which will involve civil's enabling works to allow construction of a new dedicated gantry maintenance platform area. The new platform will provide the client with a specific area capable of maintaining the gantry safely at an easily accessible working height, maximising its service life and ensuring the gantry is operational and available for use at all times.

Kessock Bridge 1
Kessock Bridge 2
Kessock Bridge 3

Stevenage Turnback Facility

The work involves the construction of a new turnback facility to extend the Down Hertford Loop into Stevenage Station. The high-level requirements are: OLE, Earthworks, Station build and fit out associated with the new Platform, new connection from the Hertford Loop forming an independent line to a buffer stop in the new Platform, Signalling, Ancillary works including drainage, Interface with local council regarding two overbridges, GRIP 4 Design.

Stevenage Turnback Facility 1

Energy Works

The works involved the civil, structural and architectural engineering around the construction of a 25MWe waste to energy power station, designed to power more than 43,000 homes and to divert over 240,000 tonnes of waste away from landfill.

Energy Works 2
Energy Works 1

Energy Works 3
Energy Works 4

Hornsey Depot

Spencer Group were appointed by Govia Thameslink Rail to design, construct and commission high level access gantries to the existing Hornsey Depot in London including the relocation and installation of new mechanical and electrical services. In addition, Goiva Thameslink has also engaged Spencer Group to deliver the construction of pad foundations and drainage for the new Driver Accommodation Centre as well as remodelling works to the existing Hornsey Depot yard.

Hornsey Depot 1
Hornsey Depot 2
Hornsey Depot 3

Humber Bridge Hanger Testing/Replacement

The design and construction of a bespoke access platform, which will allow our engineers to access and inspect the bridge’s “hangers” – the super-strength, high-tensile steel spiral strands that suspend the bridge deck from the main cables.

Three hangers will be accessed and removed, one by one, via the custom-built platform at heights of up to 65m above the estuary below and 15m above the Humber Bridge road surface.

The removed hangers will then be tested, to enable engineers to assess their condition and predict when intervention will be required on the remaining hanger cables.

Humber Bridge 1
Humber Bridge 2

Finsbury Park

A Design and build contract with London Underground to complete the Finsbury Park Phase 2B works, following the successful completion of the Finsbury Park enabling works project in December 2014. This highly complex project will ensure that the Victoria and Piccadilly lines achieve step-free access at Finsbury Park in 2018.

Finsbury Park 1
Finsbury Park 2

Finsbury Park 3
Finsbury Park 4

Heaton Depot

The works at Heaton Depot included P-way and S&C, AdBlue, CET and Tanking water, Associated small civils & M&E

Neville Hill Depot 2
Neville Hill Depot 1
Neville Hill Depot 3

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