Slipform Engineering

Slipform Engineering

Providing innovative design & build Slipform technologies across the UK

Slipform Engineering is the only design and build contractor in the UK, specialising in Slipform technology. They deliver innovative Slipformed structures, either standalone or which form part of complex infrastructure developments.

During the past four years, they have developed, refined and polished a temporary works access Slipform rig to exacting standards. The design includes an innovative and extremely accurate control system utilising Siemens measuring technology. It has a built-in warning system, removing the risk of structure failure or being constructed out of tolerance. The software allows their Clients to view the live position of the works and previously recorded data on a web-based dashboard which is collated hourly for transparency and handover. Furthermore, the innovative structural design includes an extending trailing deck system.

To demonstrate their advances; on a traditional slipform access system, once the formwork is 2.7m high, the slipform process has to stop to allow the installation on the trailing deck for concrete finishing. Slipform Engineering's system eliminates this lengthy and costly method by utilising a telescopic trailing deck designed to keep the rig moving. On a previous project, this technology provided a 16-day saving on the construction programme.

The Slipform Engineering system allows the operation of continuous concrete pouring into the moving form, creating a seamless structure that can be constructed safer and more efficiently than traditional methods. The precise measurements involved in the Slipform process provides much greater productivity and minimises waste.

Safety is Slipform's key objective; risks such as working at height, falling materials and structural failure are eliminated by our innovative design and controlling technology. They have advanced the system to be much safer than traditional methods, for example, designing the top deck of the rig to be constructed on the ground and lifted into position. This removes working at height, and by adding 2m high solid perimeter cladding panels to each platform removes the risk of falling materials. Additionally, to be efficient onsite and reduce the need for space and disruption to others in both operational and construction environments, the slipform rig has been modularised for offsite pre-assembly and delivered ready for use.

As a result of their ‘Safety First’ philosophy, Slipform have an exceptional health and safety performance, with zero accidents, incidents or RIDDORs.

Business growth has increased significantly during the past four years, undertaking projects valued at less than £0.5m through to delivering projects in 2020 valued at £10m. The later, Chambers Wharf shafts, part of the Thames Tideway development, has national significance.

This has been achieved as a result of innovative design, evidencing the system works through completed works, feedback and progressive design development. Moreover, Slipform Engineering have already secured 70% of their forecast turnover for next year, with a pipeline of £50m for the following year.

Slipform Engineering's employees are key to their success, inputting into design development through lessons learnt and their ‘eagerness for the next project’. They have recognised their commitment by growing the team, career development and financial incentives, which have been well received.

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