XER Schedule Toolkit

XER Schedule Toolkit

Empowering the project team through cloud-based planning software

XER Schedule Toolkit - Empowering the project team through cloud-based project planning software

The XER Schedule Toolkit is a cost effective, versatile and easy to use software application that can be used to view, analyse and report against project schedules developed using Oracle’s Primavera P6, Microsoft Project or Asta Power Project.

The permissive licensing structure of the XER Schedule Toolkit has afforded us with the opportunity to provide all of our project stakeholders with intelligent access to project schedules. This has not only saved an enormous amount of time which would previously have been spent producing bespoke PDF reports and print outs but it also ensures that everyone is working from the latest project plan.

We have even been able to integrate the XER Schedule Toolkit with our internal systems, providing all of our staff with easy access to project schedule information. This open and transparent way of working underpins every project The Spencer Group undertakes and helps us drive project delivery.

By raising awareness of project targets through the collaborative communication of schedule information using XER Schedule Toolkit, we are able to deliver projects with much greater productivity and efficiency.

Nick Halksworth – The lead developer of the XER Schedule Toolkit believes that the software has the potential to benefit a much wider audience than the engineering and construction industries alone.

He said; “Although the nature of the product is a natural fit for project control teams, we ultimately want it in the hands of all, so that full communication on any given project can be undertaken from the same schedule across all teams invested in its fruition.”

Subscriptions to the cloud-based version of XER Schedule Toolkit begin at just £14.99 per month for an individual package. It has been used in over 40 countries by 1000’s of users with the United States currently being the largest market, followed by Canada, Australia the UK and South Africa.

Mr Halksworth added; “We have the advantage of a competitive price, as well as strong compatibility with existing project planning software, without the need to purchase third party licences. Furthermore, the Toolkit exports formatted reports to Microsoft Excel, which is familiar to virtually all users worldwide – and as such, makes our product incredibly accessible to people at every level of involvement in a project.”

Why choose the XER Schedule Toolkit for your next project? Here are some key benefits;

The XER schedule Toolkit is ideal for all engineering projects, because it enables those onsite to assist in the planning process, minimising errors and ultimately enhancing efficiency and quality.

Watch the video below to find out how the XER Schedule Toolkit can help drive your project delivery, or click here to view our monthly & annual plans.

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